Extendicare Tuxedo Villa

Message from President & CEO, Dr. Michael Guerriere

To Our Valued Community:

The COVID-19 pandemic has launched our country, and indeed the world, into a time of great uncertainty. As governments, industries and citizens from coast-to-coast grapple with the implications, we at Extendicare are focused on doing all we can to mitigate the impact this pandemic will have on our residents, homecare clients, team members and the broader community.

Many members of our senior leadership, myself included, spent many years as frontline caregivers and understand first-hand the challenges of delivering healthcare during an outbreak. In January, as we started to learn of the severity of the problem in China, we mobilized our Incident Management System (IMS) Team, comprised of leaders from across the organization. The IMS Team meets daily to develop and implement strategies to manage the threat of the virus. They continue to keep our team members across the country informed on the rapidly changing environment to ensure that we follow the most up-to-date directives from Public Health authorities.

Our purpose at Extendicare is helping people live better. This mission can be difficult to fulfill at a time when we need to limit visitors into our buildings and ask potentially infected team members to stay away from their vital jobs. We take these actions because, while the virus seems mild in healthy adults and children, there is an increased risk of more severe outcomes for individuals aged 65 and over, with compromised immune systems or with underlying medical conditions. This describes many of the people to whom we provide care.

While other companies may be able to close their doors, we know that the care and services we provide must continue uninterrupted. We are extremely proud of our 25,000 team members across the country who are going above and beyond during this difficult time to care for those who depend on us.

To date, we have seen only one possible case of COVID-19. Last week, a care team member from an Extendicare Assist location developed symptoms after exposure to someone who contracted the virus internationally. The rapid response of our team has kept the impact localized and there have been no cases to-date among our residents in that location or in any of our other locations. This example demonstrates the importance of our infection, prevention and control practices and the need to prevent those who are potentially infected from entering our homes or visiting our homecare clients.

We continue to closely monitor all of our residents and staff and adhere to Public Health directives. I encourage all of you to do everything in your power to limit the spread of the virus and minimize the strain on the healthcare system. We are all in this together and will get through this together. Stay calm, stay healthy and stay informed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of your management team or contact communications@extendicare.com.

Thank you for your continued support. We will keep you updated as the situation progresses.

Dr. Michael Guerriere

President and CEO, Extendicare